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BlueBean is a leading RFID consulting and systems integration company that focuses exclusively on RFID technology and solutions and applying RFID technology to the healthcare market. Although RFID is not a simple solution, our goal is to reduce the complexity of implementing this technology. As RFID is only a tool that can address many of the issues faced in healthcare, it is critical to first understand your business processes and requirements. Our background in business process improvement allows us to identify steps and procedures in developing RFID solutions that others do not.

BlueBean’s extensive experience, our focus on business processes and our partnerships guarantees our clients the best and most cost-effective solution for their needs. Our focus is on providing you a complete solution that fits your requirements. We are not a representative of only one manufacturer’s solution so there is no worry that we will recommend force-fitting it for you. We carefully analyze your business processes and procedures, gather your requirements, review your environment and understand your future plans so that the solution we recommend today will not only address your current needs but provide a solid foundation so that it will scale with your growth.

BlueBean was formed in 2004 when the RFID division of MagTech Systems was pulled out to become its own entity. MagTech Systems is a business process improvement company that focuses on improving business processes while removing costs.

RFIDHealthcare is an RFID consulting and systems integration company focused on RFID solutions, RFID compliance mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology for companies in the Healthcare industry.

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