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Inventory Control (Tracking) Solutions

In the retail market, radio frequency identification (RFID) has already proven that it can reduce costs. RFID can provide a simple, cost-effective solution that allows tracking of supplies from your receiving dock to your storage rooms to your supply stations. This is accomplished by placing a passive RFID tag on your inventory cases and items and automatically gathering the location of an item each time it passes through various areas. In the future, most items will already be tagged before you receive them.

By increasing the efficiency of the supply chain and knowing exactly what supplies you really have, hospitals can achieve many of the same benefits that the retail industry is experiencing such as:
  • reducing out-of-stocks
  • procuring less inventory
  • decreasing lost and stolen supplies
  • decreasing the rate of non-charged consumables
  • reducing the time staff spends searching for inventory
  • optimizing the utilization of current inventory
  • improving inventory replenishment within your facility
  • identifying inventory to be ordered

RFID can not only increases the visibility of your inventory but also identify each item. While bar codes can identify the type of product, RFID can identify each individual item. In addition, RFID tags provide additional data storage.

Healthcare organizations can experience all of the same benefits of inventory tracking currently proven in the retail market. Let BlueBean show you how we can help you gain better visibility of your internal supply chain and drive out costs.

RFIDHealthcare is an RFID consulting and systems integration company focused on RFID solutions, RFID compliance mandates, and simplifying the implementation of RFID technology for companies in the Healthcare industry.

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